Catering - representative pictureMany people look at cooking as an art or a form of expression; while getting true joy from the creation process and the smiles of satisfaction they receive from those they are serving. If leveraging that skill and passion to create a business opportunity seems like a dream for you, starting a catering business from home might be a way to turn the dream into a reality.

Step 1

Determine your market niche and product/service mix. You will need to define who you will be selling to and what they will be buying regularly. For instance, if you are close to a medical complex or business park, you might target this market and provide pre-ordered lunches or cater business meetings. Be sure that the market you settle on is large enough to generate your sales goals and allow for growth over time.

Step 2

Secure the equipment and vendor contacts you will need to supply and support your catering business. If you are starting very small, this might be a simple trip to the local grocer. However, if you are attempting something more elaborate or exotic, such as some international dishes, you may need special cooking equipment or ingredients not found at your local supermarket. Be sure you thoroughly investigate everything you’ll need to provide food services before you take your first order.

Step 3

Check with the local office of the department of health to confirm that your cooking and food preparation area is in compliance with all regulations. You may have to acquire permits, licenses or schedule inspections; and you will likely have to pay fees associated with each of these items.

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How to Start a Catering Business From Home

Grow your Business

Grow your Business